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Re: [Fwd: pitch shift with age]

Jont Allen wrote:

> Daniel J. Levitin wrote:
> >
> > >Dear auditory list,

> > >Can anyone give me a reference to a perceptual study of pitch shift with
> > >age?  Am I correct that the general finding is that there is an upward
> > >shift in the perception of pitch in older individuals, and is the
> > >mechanism known?

> There is a natural upward shift of 'pure tone place' in the cochlea with hearing
> loss, of any type, and this place-shift is therefore correlated to presbycusis.
> Look at my home page for details.

I have generally reliable pitch memory, and
I note that when I lose it I always do so
on the down side, though I don't think
this has anything to do with age. It occurred to me the other
day that this might be related to the old problem of
perceptual over- and under-estimation, supposedly correlated
to personality -- as I recall it was Zuckerman, author of
"Sensation Seeking," who made these distinctions. I find that my
general auditory acuity is not mood independent, though I wish it were.
I wonder have others thought about the problem in this way?

 -- eliot

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