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Re: identification test procedure

I am happy to admit that the process underlying identification and
discrimination may be regarded as esentially identical; however, the tasks
are distinct and provide different information.  MacMillan and Creelman's
categorical perception studies provide a good example in their contrastive
use of identification vs. discrimination performance to locate boundaries
between categories.

Re: Matlab scripts for ROC analyses

Since it looks like a may get a few requests for these, I will prepare
a webpage with some documentation.  When this is complete, I will post
to AUDITORY again to inform those interested.  In the meantime, let me
recommend that those interested in C programs download the UNIX|STAT
software (719k) from:


-> UNIX|STAT 5.1 (available also for MS-DOS)

     "UNIX|STAT is a set of UNIX data manipulation and  analysis
programs developed at the University of California, San Diego and
at the Wang Institute of Graduate Studies by Garl  Perlman.   The
programs  are  designed with the UNIX philosophy that  individual
programs  should be designed as tools that do one task  well  and
produce  output  suitable for input via pipes to other  programs.
Interactive  use  is  supported  in the  UNIX  shell  which  also
provides  a programming language for complex  analyses."

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