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Re: Granular synthesis and auditory segmentation

>        So if I take a 1000 Hz pure sinusoid, and I half-wave rectify it,
>it doesn't make a difference? You might want to try it yourself first.
>        The pattern of activity on the basilar membrane will be quite
>different, depending on whether you present a pure sinusoid or its
>half-wave rectified version. It's simply because the frequency content of
>the stimulus is different. The inner ear does do a sort of Fourier analysis
>on the whole waveform.
>        The half-wave rectification occurs _after_ the frequency
>decomposition performed on the basilar membrane, i.e. after you have
>decomposed the signal into frequency channels.
>                                                        Didier

I am afraid you misunderstood the argument. But I let John Bates and Richard Fabbri correct the matter.


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