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Re: UNmixing Sources, i.e., The Cocktail Party Effect

Richard J. Fabrri writes (in part):
>Several LISTeners have asked about the Stereo example I offered to
>Robert Bolia and Brian Gygi on 15 October.  The following points
>by Robert and Brian both focus on the relative importance of
>"Spatial segregation" ...

(big snip)

Really? Who are "LISTeners"? How do the rest of us hear these stereo
examples? Does the Auditory List have an audio path all of a sudden?
Is there a web page where these sounds can be downloaded?

This extremely long, kind of interesting post reads like an ad. I sincerely
hope that this method of "advertising" one's research does not become
popular on this list.

But, hey, I happen to have copies of all of Berlin, 1993 preprints, so I
can go back and check this paper out. Unfortunately, I doubt that very many
other people on this list attended that meeting.

Jim Beauchamp
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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