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'pressure at the ears' visiting an anechoic chamber

Dear readers,

When visitors enter -for the first time- our (rather large) anechoic
chamber, they are always complaining about the strange 'pressure at
their ears'. Similar as listening to 'much out of phase' signals in
a stereo loudspeaker set up.
People acquainted being now and then in an anechoic chamber don't
notice this (any more). Would there a psycho physical explanation for

Vriendelijke Groeten
Best Regards

Ronald M. Aarts             | DSP-acoustics & Sound Reproduction
Philips Research Labs. WY81 | voice: +31 40 27 43149
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5656 AA Eindhoven           | fax: +31 40 27 43230
The Netherlands             | email: rmaarts@natlab.research.philips.com

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