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Re: Cage & Anechoic Chambers -- a few questions

On Mon, 26 Oct 1998, Richard J. Fabbri wrote:

>       ... Does this "high frequency noise" appear in both ears ?
>       ... Or, just one ear ?
>       ... Your comment mentions "during an experiment" - Is the
>       "high frequency noise" perceived in the quiet of the a.c. ?

We do a lot of physiology experiments, i.e. we do a surgery and subsequent
recordings, which go 24 hrs a day until teh animal dies. Which means,
someone has to spend the nights with the animal. I hear a high frequency
swish in both ears, not localized, when I enter the room, esp if I am tired
(like at 4am, it is almost unbearable).
I go in and out of the sound room a lot, so I have a lot of experience with
the feeling of a deadened, quiet room.


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