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Re: Cage & Anechoic Chambers -- a few questions

I have been in 2 or 3 anechoic chambers as best as I recall; one was in bldg.
20 at MIT, due to be demolished and replaced soon with new buildings; the
other one or two was at Penn State University main campus, and I think
Honeywell may have one at their PA industrial controls division. The
experience was very eerie, I did not enjoy it for very long. It reminded me
of what some of the sensory deprivation chambers must be like, although I
have never experienced them first-hand.

    I agree with Cage's analysis of the low sound being due to blood
circulation, I think this is a pretty well known experience in AE chambers
I think I recall discussing it with my chamber host. However, I think the
high sound was more due to respiration; the nervous system makes no movement
that I am aware of, and movement is required for sound, although subjective
perceptions are another matter.

Tom Maglione

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