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Q: Shifts in perceived time with spectral changes?


Was wondering if anyone knew of some research / evil experiments
dealing with perceived time stretching/condensing with certain
patterns of sounds with differing spectra? More specifically, I
am interested in any local-micro-tempo-curve deviations that
might be experienced with various percussive sounds.
For instance, if we play a standard Ump-Sss-Ump-Sss-Ump-Sss
disco beat at some poor devil, do they feel any temporal attraction
between the Sss-Ump as opposed to the Ump-Sss?
(assuming perfect sequencer time here.)
Or perhaps any changes in the detection threshold of 'swing' with
various combinations of timbres?

Thank you for all those giving pause to my request - any pointers
to relevant literature very much appreciated!

SKoT McDonald
Computer Music Lab
University of Western Australia

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