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Auditory Display Technology

        Hello All,
        I am a human factors scientist with Honeywell and have been
involved primarily with visual display development over the last few
years.  I spent my graduate career working in the area of auditory
perception, specifically in the area of sound localization in noise.
Unfortunately, since I have been working here I haven't been able to do
much "auditory" stuff...until now!!!   I am working on a program to
investigate the utility of providing auditory information to a
dismounted soldier in the battlefield.  What I am currently interested
in is the state-of-the-art technology for displaying auditory
information.  Since I have been out of the area for so long, I would
like to get your input on this if possible (URL's, contact persons,
technical journal articles, etc) that might help me to get a fairly good
understanding of what the current state-of-the-art is in the area of
auditory displays.  At this point, I am not so concerned of the utility
of a particular auditory display for a soldier (e.g., many of the
displays that are used in the lab would be ineffective for a soldier due
to their size/weight), but rather I am concerned of what the current
technology is capable of doing.  However, if you are aware of specific
companies or research groups that have been developing "small" auditory
displays (e.g., ones that can be carried on a soldiers back or
belt-pack) that information would be extremely beneficial as well.

        Any help you can provide would be very helpful.....thanks in


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