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Re: about graduate program

Dear Mr. Hideki Tasako,

Concerning your request for information about graduate study related to
rhythm perception, I myself do not do research in this area so I am not up
to date with the names people who have this research interest and are
located on the west coast of the US.  There is however, an e-mail list
called AUDITORY, to which many academic researchers subscribe.  I am
forwarding your message to this list, so that that any persons who might
be interested in supervising your graduate studies could get in touch with
you directly.

You should also be made aware that one of the best people in the area of
perceived timing (which is closely related to rhythm) is in your own

 Dr. Yoshitaka Nakajima
 Kyushu Institute of Design
 4-9-1 Shiobaru
 Fukuoka 815

 Tel: 092-553-4558


Al Bregman

On Tue, 1 Dec 1998, hideki takaso wrote:

> Dear Dr.Albert S. Bregman,
> Hello.  My name is Hideki Takaso who is interested in rhythm perception
> research.  If you know any researcher who is doing good research on
> rhythm perception hopefully on the west coast in the US, could you
> please tell me his/her name?
> I am applying for a graduate program.  Thank you very much.  By the way,
> I read your book, .  I like that book.
> Sincerely yours,
> Hideki Takaso
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