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Re: apology

At 04:39 PM 12/8/98 +0000, Bob Carlyon wrote:
>even though ed burns is no longer a member of the list I must apologise for
>inadvertedly sending out a copy of my slightly snotty email to the
>organisers of the berlin 99 meeting
>On the plus side you now know not to book your return flights until after
>the fascinating presentation by gockel, carlyon, and micheyl

Come on, Bob! We (in the US) are just being subjected to a public analysis
of a semi-public denial of a definitely un-public matter committed by an
internationally known U.S. citizen. Your apology is just simply
insufficient, dubiously sincere, and comes too late. When it arrived, I had
already mailed a copy of your first message to Ed Burns.

This told, I agree with everything you said about the Berlin meeting caper.

As ever,

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