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Postdoc Positions at Boys Town

Postdoctoral Fellowship Positions

NIH Institutional Postdoctoral Fellowship positions are available at
the Boys Town National Research Hospital for qualified individuals
interested in research training in one or a combination of the
following disciplines related to human communication and its
disorders: Audiology (Stelmachowicz), Auditory Neuroanatomy
(Warr), Auditory Physiology (Walsh), Clinical Physiology (Gorga),
Communication Engineering (Neely), Genetics of Communication
Disorders (Kimberling, Beisel, Cosgrove, Ing, Smith), Neurochemistry
(Morley), Physical Acoustics (Keefe), Psychoacoustics (Neff,
Jesteadt, Dai), Speech  Development (Nittrouer), and Speech
Physiology (Higgins).  Additional information concerning these
research programs and the postdoctoral training program can be
found on the web at www.boystown.org/btnrh. Women and minorities
are strongly encouraged to apply.  Send a vita and a brief description
of your research interests to W. Bruce Warr, Ph.D., Boys Town
National Research Hospital, 555 North 30th Street, Omaha, NE
68131, (402) 498- 6528, e-mail: Warr@Boystown.Org.

As part of the above training program or in addition to it, a position
available in the Psychoacoustics Laboratory at the Boys Town
National Research Hospital for a recent Ph.D. interested in the
effects of multiple maskers, loudness growth, and intensity
discrimination in listeners with normal hearing and those with
sensorineural hearing loss.  This work would be done in collaboration
with Walt Jesteadt, Donna L. Neff, and Huanping Dai.  While the
positions described above are restricted by NIH to individuals who
are US citizens or have permanent resident status, the position in
psychoacoustics is more flexible. There are no specific time limits on
the duration of the position or restrictions on the nationality of
applicants.  For more information, please contact Walt Jesteadt via
email (Jesteadt@Boystown.Org), phone (402 498-6704), or regular
mail (BTNRH, 555 N. 30th St., Omaha, NE 68131), or at the
upcoming ARO meeting.

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