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Re: digital recording media

At 1:10 pm -0600 11/1/99, Sheila Williams wrote:
>Dear list,
>I would be most grateful for advice from anyone with experience of using
>portable digital recording equipment?
>There seem to be two choices available now, Digital Audio Tape or Minidisc.

I think I have a fairly similar set up to yours. I was advised to get a DAT
rather than a Minidisc, as the compression used in the Minidisc system may
not preserve the digital/acoustic information needed for further analysis.

If you need details of this I can get them from my colleague.

I use a portable Sony DAT TCD-D7 and a Sony lapel mike, which is fine for
adults (but not children!).  The DAT has a digital output, although I don't
use this when transferring to the Kay system, Sony has a connection kit
which I have been told will work.

Happy New Year


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