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Re: Digital Recording Media

Hi Cristina,
(and anyone else on the list not familiar with the Kay system I referred to
in my earlier mailing)

Cristina wrote:
>>     Hi all you! mailing about digital audio processing. The information
>>evolving is most sufficient for my current process of deciding between
>>DAT and  MiniDisc... Yet one thing remains: Does anyone know of a page
>>containing  technical information on the portable DAT recorder analogue
>>to the info  available at the <http://www.minidisc.com>www.minidisc.com
>>page?  And, by the way, being just a curious amateur; what is the
>>general function of the Kay System? Thank You very much!   Cristina Busk
>>Attachment converted: Macintosh HD:Cristina Busk.vcf (TEXT/MSWD) (0000AB52)

The Kay system I referred to in my request for info. on portable recording
devices is a specialised speech analysis workstation - we also have the ASL
add-on to the system which allows us to resynthesise from the spectral
analyses, even after manipulation of some of the analysis products (formant
track information etc).  However, this does need a very high quality signal
to get a good analysis for accurate measurements and possibly even higher
quality to get sufficiently good analysis to change the output parameters
and still get speech quality synthesis such as we are using for our
perception experiments (even then it's not easy!)

PS thanks for all the help coming in.  I'll try to summarise it later.

Dr Sheila M Williams                            phone: 512-471-4253
Psychology, University of Texas at Austin       lab:   512-471-0693
528 Mezes Hall, Austin, Texas, USA, 78712       fax:   512-471-6175

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