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AUDIENCE: Developing Audiences for Classical Music--New Email List

Announcing AUDIENCE, A New Internet Email List Dedicated To
Discussion About The Future Of Live Classical Music Performance

Information about AUDIENCE and instructions for joining it are below.

Please forward this announcement to any individuals who might be interested
and to any listservs, message boards, and newsgroups where it is on topic.


AUDIENCE is an email list dedicated to discussion about the future of
live classical music performance.  Possible topics of discussion on
the list include (but are not limited to):

  *how to develop new audiences for classical music
  *how the current system of training and marketing classical
   musicians affects their musicianship and appeal to audiences
  *how various programming and marketing ideas affect audiences
  *why live classical music is (or should be) of interest to audiences
  *how various political, social, economic, and educational trends
   might affect current and future audiences
  *what music programs and series around the world have been effective or
   ineffective in attracting audiences
  *how mass media affects the audience for live performance
  *whether the current system of training amateur musicians, in both
   private studios and public schools, encourages these amateur
   musicians to become future audiences
  *what training musicians could or should receive, to help them
   reach a larger and more varied audience

Who might be interested in joining AUDIENCE?

  *Classical musicians
  *Teachers of classical music
  *Music students
  *Community leaders and arts organizers interested in bringing
   classical music to their communities
  *Administrators and board members of classical music organizations
  *Agents, managers, promoters, or those otherwise involved in the
   classical music industry
  *Anyone interested in classical music and its future

AUDIENCE had its start at a lively session of the 1998 World Piano Pedagogy
Conference.  The session, entitled "Hero-Soloists: The History, Decline,
and Future of Live Performance" was presented by the Committee on
Performance chaired by Eugene and Elizabeth Pridonoff.

To subscribe to AUDIENCE:

 Send a message
   TO: listserv@griffon.mwsc.edu
   SUBJECT: [leave the subject line blank]
   MESSAGE BODY: subscribe AUDIENCE Your Name

(In place of "Your Name", but your own real name, for instance, "John Smith".)

The AUDIENCE Home page:


The home page has information about subscribing and unsubscribing and other

The AUDIENCE mailing list is hosted by the Missouri Western State College
Department of Music <http://www.mwsc.edu/~music>.  The AUDIENCE listowner
is Brent Hugh: