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SMPC99 Conference, reminder

August 14-17, 1999
Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois
(information below)

Dear Colleagues,

Enclosed please find information about the upcoming 1999 Conference of the
Society for Music Perception and Cognition.  The SMPC99 will be held at
Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois (just north of Chicago), from
August 14-17, 1999.  For more information on all aspects of SMPC99, you may
visit our website at
http://www.nwu.edu/musicschool/specialEvents/smpc/index.htm.  Alternately,
you may contact us by email, post, or  telephone (information at the bottom
of this letterhead) for a complete hard-copy packet of information and
registration forms.

Overview of the SMPC99 Schedule
Saturday, August 14, 1999:  Opening Reception at the Ravinia Festival
SMPC99 begins with a festive reception at the nearby Ravinia Festival.  We
will be at Ravinia on the final night of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra's
1999 residency, a special Gala Performance featuring not only one of the
world's greatest orchestras, but also the solo talents of Isaac Stern,
Frederica von Stade, Midori, Misha Dichter, Leon Fleisher, André Watts,
Alicia de Larrocha, Ramsey Lewis, and Joe Williams, combining for an
unforgettable night of music-making.  More information is on the SMPC99
Sunday-Monday,  August 15-16:  Presentations by day, Chicago by night
During the daytime there will be papers and poster sessions;  the evenings
are free for us to enjoy a variety of cultural or other events afforded by
the great city of Chicago.  Due to the many requests received, we are
working to arrange an outing to a blues club;  other possibilities include
jazz clubs, Chicago's outstanding array of live theatre, fine or ethnic
dining, and many other opportunities.  Again, more information is to be
found starting on the SMPC99 website or by contacting us.
Tuesday, August 17:  Final Presentations and the Banquet
A final day of presentations is followed by our closing Banquet.

SMPC99 has arranged for both hotel and dormitory housing options for
attendees.  The conference hotel is the Omni-Orrington, located a
five-minute walk from the conference site.  We have negotiated a favorable
rate of $109.00 per night plus tax.  Delegates wishing to stay in the
Omni-Orrington will need to contact the hotel directly,  at1-847-866-8700,
extension 7121, or 1-800-843-6664.  You will need to specify that you are
requesting the NU-SMPC rate.  For more information about the Omni-Orrington
you may visit the Omni Hotels website at http://www.omnihotels.com.  We
have also arranged for SMPC delegates to be able to stay in air-conditioned
single dormitory rooms at Northwestern.  The rate for these rooms is $36.55
per day, with a minimum stay of three nights (minimum charge of $109.65).
Reservations will be made through SMPC99's office at Northwestern;  see the
SMPC website or contact us for details.

Cultural, Dining, and Other Opportunties
Northwestern University's main campus is in Evanston, Illinois, along the
shores of Lake Michigan. Chicago's 'Loop,' or center city area,  is 12
miles south; a breathtaking view of the city is easily had by looking south
from the site of the conference.  Chicago is home to one of the most
vibrant arts-and-culture environments in the world, with practically any
type of music, theatre, or other entertainment one might wish.  Evanston by
itself has some 200 restaurants, ranging from fast-food to four-star fine
dining;  Chicago has a wealth of other possibilities, all within easy reach.

Conference Registration
For the convenience of all involved, conference registration materials are
available on the SMPC99 website--or, contact us for a printed copy.
Student fees have been set at $35;  for others, the registration fee will
be $50 on or before June 30, 1999, and $60 from July 1, 1999 on.  The fees
include admission to all conference sessions, admission to Ravinia for the
Gala Reception, and daily refreshments.

Please contact us for any other information you might like. We hope to see
you in Evanston in August!

Richard Ashley
SMPC99 Coordinator

Call for Abstracts and Proposals
Society for Music Perception and Cognition Conference 1999
Northwestern University
Evanston, Illinois
August 14-17, 1999

The Society of Music Perception and Cognition invites you to submit an
abstract for unpublished papers in the following or related topic areas:
       *music theory
       *artificial intelligence
       *computer technology
The Society also invites tutorial sessions on key topics, as well as
proposals for special sessions.

Single page abstracts on any of the above or related topics for
presentation, posters,  and proposals for tutorials should be sent to:
                Richard Ashley, Coordinator
        SMPC99 Conference
        School of Music
        Northwestern University
        711 Elgin Road
        Evanston, IL 60208   USA
        email: smpc99@nwu.edu

Expected length of presentations is 20 minutes, including questions. Please
submit your abstract in one of two forms:
1. (Preferably) by email,   or
2. In hard copy.
Please include the following in your proposal:
       The title of your paper
       Your name
       Your institutional affiliation
       Your mailing address
       Your telephone number
       Your email address
       A list of your audio-visual equipment needs.

The objectives of the Society are to further the scientific and scholarly
understanding of music from a broad range of disciplines, including music
theory, psychology, psychophysics, linguistics, neurology, neurophysiology,
ethology, ethnomusicology, artificial intelligence, computer technology,
physics and engineering; to facilitate cooperation among scholars and
scientists who are engaged in research in this interdisciplinary field; and
to advance education and public understanding of knowledge gained.
Carol Krumhansl, President
W. Jay Dowling, Vice President
Caroline Palmer, Secretary-Treasurer