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NN & Music Book

Book Announcement....

                              MUSICAL NETWORKS:

                                  edited by
                       Niall Griffith and Peter M. Todd

MUSICAL NETWORKS, a new book on connectionist models of music cognition,
composition, and performance, has been published by MIT Press.  This book
presents the latest research on neural network applications in the domains
of musical and creative behavior by leaders in the field including
Gjerdingen, Grossberg, Large, Mozer and many others.  For a further
description, and links to the complete table of contents and preface,
please visit


MUSICAL NETWORKS can be found in bookstores that carry MIT Press
publications, or can be purchased directly from MIT Press through the
above website or by calling their toll-free order number, 1-800-356-0343
(or in the UK, (0171)306-0603), and specifying ISBN 0-262-07181-9.  The
price is $37.50 (hardcover, 385 pages).

In conjunction with our book, we have also created an extensive bibliography
of connectionist publications on music, which you can access (in html, Word,
bibtex, and plain text) at


We intend to keep this an up-to-date list, so if you have published anything
in this area (or know of other work) that we have not yet included, please
email full details to niall.griffith@ul.ie and it will be added.

              Niall Griffith and Peter Todd