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other music

I wonder if people can help me locate collections of non-western music?

1) I have a student who is researching melodic structure (across
cultures). We are trying to find western and non-western melodies that are
encoded in electronic form. I know of CCARH, Mud Cafe, Essen,
Humdrum. Ideally we are looking for encodings that carry performance
descriptors. Having spent a long time browsing I have exhausted my list of
key words but with little or noi results.

2) An alternative approach is for us to extract what we want from actual
performance. Does  anyone know of a tracking system that can  "listen" to
melody and extract pitch, duration etc. I know about Autoscore - but
this seems to be limited to pitch (Midi) duration and loudness.

If you know of repositories/software, please let me know and I will
collate and post to the group.

Thank you for your help.

Niall Griffith

Dr. Niall Griffith,
Department of Computer Science and Information Science,
University of Limerick, Limerick,  Ireland.

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