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Re: Stevan Harnad: CogPrints: Archive of Articles in Psychology...

How beautiful and Platonic an idea: an electronic preprint archive where
everybody could post his/her new opus within minutes, to be read by tens of
thousands of pairs of interested eyes!

Unfortunately, as long as our own mainstream auditory journals oppose
on-line dissemination of pre-publications, and enforce their opposition
through automatic rejection of papers disseminated this way, and as long as
our mainstream granting agencies insist on peer-reviewed publications as
representing the major (if not the sole) proof of scientific productivity,
Professor Harnad is putting the cart before the horses. Moreover, even a
cursory visit at the web sites he suggests makes it clear that, should an
unsuspecting colleague except his offer and post his/her paper on the
preprint archive, he/she may shoot him/herself in both feet at once.

Pierre Divenyi

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