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Chris Darwin and me, in the book 'Hearing' by BCJ Moore (academic,
995), there is a table which summarises this information."

2.  From Bill Hartmann: "Johnson and I compared a bunch of them in
Music Perception, vol. 9, p 155 (1991)."

3.  Martine Turgeon has recently completed a dissertation on this
subject at McGill, and is currently writing manuscripts to be
submitted for publication.

4. Other references included:

        - Bregman's "Auditory Scene Analysis", 1990, MIT Press

        - Punita Singh (e.g. 1987: Perceptual organisation of
complex-tone sequences: a trade off between pitch and timbre?, JASA,
82, 886-895.  10 years later: 1997: Singh & Bregman: The influence of
different timbre attributes on the perceptual segregation of
complex-tone sequences, JASA 102, 1943-1952.)

        - Paul Iverson (1995: Auditory stream segregation by musical
timbre: effects of static and dynamic acoustic attributes, JExpPsy,
Hum.Perc. and Performance, Vol.21, No.4, 751-763)

        - Joyce Vliegen & Andy Oxenham (1999: Sequential stream
segregation in the absence of spectral cues, JASA 105, 339-346.