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London research posiion available

If I have sent this once before, my apologies.

Two posts are available in the Department of Psychology at UCL. One is for
three years
and requires a post-doc in speech and hearing. It involves testing some
hypotheses about backward masking performance and looks at deficits in
backward masking performance that have recently been found in people who
stutter. The second is for 21 months and is for a graduate who has interests
in psycholinguistics. This involves assessing speech of children who stutter
for signs that they will persist in their problem. Both projects involve
working with children who stutter. For further details, please contact
Professor Peter Howell, Department of Psychology,
University College London.

Peter Howell [ucjtsph@ucl.ac.uk]
Stuart Rosen, Ph.D.
Professor of Speech and Hearing Science
Dept. of Phonetics & Linguistics
University College London
4  Stephenson Way
London NW1 2HE

Tel. (44 171) 380 7404
Fax. (44 171) 383 0752