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Re: Up-down pitch perception


sorry for the somewhat belated response to Robert's original query.

I'm not sure how relevant this is to the information you need but an
additional aspect relates to streaming.

Certainly in situations in which the two (pure) tones concerned are:
a) part of a repetitive pattern
b) short duration and close
c) more than a few semitones apart

then I have a tendency to hear the two streams formed (one high tone
stream, one low tone stream, each with the same tone, slow rate of
repetition) with the tones occurring at the same time, so that it is no
longer possible to say which came first.

I cannot recollect whether this happens immediately the 2 streams appear or
only after they have become well established, so cannot say whether this
would be likely to affect judgement of the order of two short tones
presented in isolation (does anyone else experience this phenomenon?).


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