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I have conducted an experiment where there was a dependent variable (S)
and two independent variables (A and V). I have carried out an analysis
of variance, which showed a significant main effect of both variables (A
and V) on the dependent variable (S), and a significant interaction
between these both variables (A x V).

I'd like to assess whether the effects of the variables A and V were
very strong (to assess the "strength" of these effects).
I was adviced to use a statistical variable that I do not know at all.
This is: "omega square" for estimating the degree of association between
independent and dependent variables. I was told that most statistical
packages use a simpler formula (for instance, in SPSS, there is "eta").
The problem is that my stats package is Statistica and I can't find
"omega square" neither "eta".
Is there someone who has yet calculated this variable (omega square?
eta?) and who knows how calculating it with Statistica?

Thank you in advance.
Stephanie Viollon.