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new Armadillo release

The latest release of Armadillo, a freeware spectral analysis program for
the Power Macintosh, is now available by web site download or ftp.

Armadillo is a musical sound analyzer which works either in real time
using microphone or CD-ROM input or out of real time with sound file
input. Sounds may be monaural or stereo. Five different displays are
available: input waveform, amplitude vs. frequency spectrum (1D),
waterfall display, frequency vs. time spectrogram (2D), and amplitude
vs. frequency and time (3D). A unique feature is that the analysis can
be tuned so that the harmonics of a fixed pitch input correspond
exactly to the analysis filter positions. This is done by interpolating
the input signal to produce the proper number of points in the analysis

web site:  http://cmpsgi3.music.uiuc.edu/~tmadden/armadillo

anonymous ftp:  cmp-nxt1.music.uiuc.edu/pub/armadillo

James Beauchamp (project director) j-beauch@uiuc.edu
Timothy Madden  (programmer)       tjmadden@uiuc.edu
Computer Music Project, School of Music
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign