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Re: Definition of masking


>The problem then is that to call something "masking" we need to be sure
>of the underlying process.
        ... I have worked on masking along a new physiologic route for
        several years and am convinced it is an interactive consequence
        occuring DURING the interaction.

>For example, we shouldn't call the increase in threshold for a tone
>following a masker "forward masking" unless we can be sure that
>the process is one of swamping rather than, say, adaptation.
        ... Yes.
        ... Masking is a "swamping" interaction and, as such, requires
        all signal elements to be present during the same time period.
        ... An effect succeeding a stimulus (not during the stimulus)
        reveals a different process and may, in fact, be an adaptation,
        possibly a consequence of middle ear (AGC?) time constants:
        I agree with this masking qualification.