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'What is masking?' Tanner, JASA v30 919-981, 1958

Spike Tanner's article 'What is masking?' also appeared in JASA v30
pp919-921, (1958) which might be an easier place to find it.

I was asked by one auditory list member what the basic idea was in Tanner's

The paper contains a clever pair of 2IFC experiments on the detection of
tones. One is a distraction experiment and one is a pedastal experiment; the
trick is that from the point of view of the ideal observer, the detection
cue is identical in the two experiments. They do not, however, give the same
results and so the question is what is different about the internal
representations that leads to the differences.

It seemed to me to be closely related to the current discussion both in
phylosophy and content.

Cheers Roy P


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