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28 min video of Harvey Fletcher

Dear List,

I have just put a 28 min RealAudio formated video on my webpage,
of Harvey Fletcher being interviewed by Bruce Bogert, circa 1963.

This 28 minute video proceeds as follows:

      Introduction (00:06)
      Short story about coyote (00:33)
      Millikan and the Oil drop experiment (01:35)
      Acoustics (7:49)
      Audiometry and Alfred DuPont's desk size $5000 hearing aid (9:27)
      Stereo, orthotelephonic response, and phonograph (11:20)
      Three channel sound presentation (14:15)
      Three channel sound on film (18:20)
      The critical band theory and loudness (19:15)
      Musical acoustics and the inharmonic structure of a Piano (22:45)
      Retirement (25:54)
      Final words and credits (27:30)



To view the video, you will need the RealAudio program rvplayer or
realplay (the G2 player). These players may be downloaded (free) from:




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