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PhD on Binaural loudness summation

Dear List,
It is already two years ago that I hold my PhD about binaural loudness summation
and binaural unpleasantness in relation with automobile sounds ("Loudness and
Unpleasantness Perception in Dichotic Conditions" / text in english).
Due to the usual microfiche french thesis publication procedure, I must admit
that this document was not easilly accessible for people outside France.
That's why I decided to put this document online, so that you can now find an
abstract as well as a PDF-version of the complete document under:

Moreover, as I provide on about 40 reprints of this thesis, I can mail it to
those of you who are interested with binaural loudness, and related themes (see
the abstract). However, due to the quite sparse number of exemplars, I would
like to keep this "hardware version" option  only to people involved in such
themes (others, please consider the "electronic" version): simply ask me for a
version (with your adress) by Email.


 Nicolas CHOUARD
  Psychoacoustics workgroup
  Carl von Ossietzky University
  D-26111 Oldenburg, Germany
  Tel=+49 4417983565
  Fax=+49 4417983201
  Email= nicolas@aku.physik.uni-oldenburg.de

 Web= http://www.physik.uni-oldenburg.de/Docs/aku/aud_syst.html
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