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Re: auditory list replies

So far I've received four suggestions for noise files. Thanks to all who
responded.  The references I received are listed below if anyone else is
You can get Diagnositc Rhyme Test (DRT) intellgibility test tapes for
a wide variety of military noise environments through the DoD Digital
Voice  Processing Consortium.  They also have sentence lists recorded
in these noises that can be used for MOS testing.


The DDVPC (actually NSA) also has sponsored an excellent noise prepocessing
algorithm (ATT) that is available for govt use.  Contact John Collura
I'm sure someone will point you to various sources of sampled white, pink,
etc. noise. However, you can quickly and easily create your own type of
noise using any one of a number of different (free or almost free)
synthesis packages. I use CSound, for example, to make bands of noise with
varying frequency ranges. I have much more control when I synthesize my
own sound, rather than using someone else's samples.
There used to be a bunch of great noise files (all kinds
of examples) at spib.rice.edu:/pub/data/signals/noise;
it's been a couple years since I visited this site --
I think I still have all the files, somewhere.

      * Description: Database of recording of various noises available on
        2 CDROMs. Some material from the same source is available by
        anonymous ftp in the IEEE's Signal Processing Information Base.
        The samples include
           + Voice babble
           + Factory noise
           + HF radio channel noise, pink noise, white noise
           + Various military noises; fighter jets (Buccaneer, F16),
             destroyer noises (engine room, operations room), tank noise
             (Leopard, M109), machine gun
           + Volvo 340
      * Availability 1: The cost of this database is 135 Pounds Sterling
        for the set of two CD-ROMs. Send payment with order to:
        The Speech Research Unit,
        Ex1, DRA Malvern, St.Andrew's Road,
        Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 3PS, UK
        Tel +44-684-894074 Fax +44-684-894384
        Note: The supply of CD-ROMs is limited so please check that they
        are still available before placing an order. The only acceptable
        methods of payment are cheques (from the UK only) or bank drafts
        in Pounds Sterling drawn on a UK bank. They should be made payable
        Public Sub Account HMG 4768.
      * Availability 2: Information on how to obtain a copy of the NATO
        RSG.10 NOISE-ROM-0 can be obtained from the DRA Speech Research
        Unit (address above) or from:
        Dr. Herman Steeneken,
        TNO Institute for Perception,
        P.O. Box 23, 3769 ZG Soesterberg,
        The Netherlands.
      * Availability 3 (WWW): Examples of the NOISEX database are
        available on the Rice University Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
        group home page. (Note the files are large (>20MB).