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Research Position - Walter Reed Hospital, Wash. D.C.

A research associate/computer programmer position is available in
support of an NIH grant investigating effects of sensorineural hearing
loss on auditory processing and speech perception.  The RA will provide
computer programming support including modification of existing programs
and development of new software as required for data collection and
analysis. The RA will also be involved in recruiting and testing
subjects, carrying out statistical and signal-processing analyses, and
working with computer simulations of auditory processing in the ear.
Candidates should have computer programming skills and an interest in
hearing science. Position may be either full or part-time. Salary is
dependent upon qualifications. Please mail or email letter of interest
describing qualifications to:

Van Summers, Ph.D.
Research Section
Army Audiology and Speech Center
Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Washington, D.C. 20307-5001.
email: vsummers@erols.com