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Partial Loudness post doctoral position

Applications are sought for another 3-year post-doctoral position in
auditory neuroscience at the Centre for the Neural Basis of Hearing in the
Physiology Department of the University of Cambridge.

This position arises from a Component Grant awarded by the Medical Research
Council for the development of 'A time-domain model of loudness for
stationary, dynamic and multi-source sounds.' (Roy Patterson, Physiology
Dept., Cambridge; Brian Moore, Experimental Psychology Dept., Cambridge; Ray
Meddis, Psychology Dept., Essex).

Certain complex sounds produce the perception of multiple, simultaneous
sources.  Such sounds present difficult problems for traditional, spectral
models of hearing, particularly when the perceived sources are associated
with components that fall in the same frequency region. More recent,
time-domain, models of hearing emphasise the auditory images produced by
sounds and construct simulated images in which features of different sources
appear in separate regions of the simulated auditory images. The task now is
to extract the features and demonstrate that auditory images can be used for
source segregation and analysis. We propose to begin with the problem of
segregating complex tones and clicks from background noise, and to quantify
the relative loudness of these components.

 The project involves (a) empirical determination of the partial loudness of
the perceived sources in two sets of test stimuli (damped/ramped sounds and
iterated rippled noise), (b) improving the accuracy of peripheral processing
in the auditory image model (AIM) as part of the modelling programme at the
Centre for the Neural Basis of Hearing, (c) calculating the partial loudness
of the each perceived source from vectors in the auditory image, and (d)
refining and developing the model by comparing the calculated partial
loudness with the empirically measured partial loudness.

For more details concerning the specific research associated with the
post-doctoral position,  contact Roy Patterson or Brian Moore


Roy D. Patterson
Centre for the Neural Basis of Hearing
Physiology Department, University of Cambridge
Downing Street, Cambridge, CB2 3EG

phone   44 (1223) 333819        office
phone   44 (1223) 333837        lab
fax     44 (1223) 333840        department
email   rdp1@cam.ac.uk
email   roy.patterson@mrc-cbu.cam.ac.uk