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Re: slowing speech,music rate without alerting pitch

vsummers wrote:

> Is anyone aware of software which allows a slowing of the rate of an
> acoustic signal  (e.g., to slow the tempo of a piece of music or slow a
> talker's speech rate) without altering pitch?
> Van Summers

In fact there are a lot of audio/music softwares that do it. Most popular
computer music or DAW (digital audio workstation) softs do that. Take for
instance Cakewalk Pro Audio v. 8. It is a popular MIDI sequencer software
with support for audio processing (wav files). It has a good stretching-
and compressing-time function, which can alter the pitch or not in several
ways, while does time expanding/companding. I've heard it work recently,
and liked the results: it does not add much noise or granularity when
expanding time without altering pitch.

Cool Edit (and its Pro version) also does these kinds of transformations,
and it's shareware (http://www.syntrillium.com/).

Regis Rossi Alves Faria
Media Engineering Center
LSI - University of Sao Paulo