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Re: front to rear reversals


My experience is that there is a lot of variation among individuals
having to do with particular combinations of listeners and sets of
HRTFs.  Generally, HRTF properties tend to scale with overall size of
the subject.  Small subjects who listen through ears of large subjects
tend to report front/back confusions (particularly down front referred
to down rear), and large subjects who listen through ears of small
subjects report images that are elevated about the actual target.  I have
quantified this in a pair of papers in JASA. (Middlebrooks, J. Acoust.
Soc. Am. 106:1480-1492 and 1493-1510, 1999).  Good luck.

John Middlebrooks

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Dear List,

I am presently making binaural recordings and attempting to stabilise the
frontal imaging. Could anyone direct me to resources specifically related
to solving this problem. Any thoughts on the phenomena?

Tim Cox.
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