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Free software for stimulus delivery/experimental control

Auditory list members may be interested in a new release of Presentation,
version 0.40.  Presentation is a Windows 95/98/ME/2000 program for stimulus
delivery and experimental control that delivers visual and up to four
independent sound sources with sub-ms temporal precision that is verified
for each stimulus and response event.  Version 0.40 adds Presentation
control language that simplifies experiment development and that permits
stimuli to be modified in real-time based on behavioral responses.  As a
result, Presentation 0.40 supports a full complement of adaptive
psychophysical procedures  (e.g., two alternative forced choice, threshold
determination, etc.). Presentation 0.40 can also use parallel and serial
inputs for stimulus control, and can output control pulses to permit PCs to
automate behavioral conditioning procedures.  Presentation 0.40 permits
physiological responses to control stimulus delivery.  For example,
Presentation 0.40 can assist in defining neuronal receptive fields by
changing stimuli to optimize neuronal discharge rates and can change
stimulus position in real-time based on changes in head or eye position.  A
free version of Presentation 0.40 (expiration date: January 2002) is
available for download at neurobehavioralsystems.com.

David L. Woods, Professor of Neurology, Dept. of Neurology,UC Davis,
Chief, Clinical Neurophysiology and Chief, Research fMRI imaging,
Neurology Service (127E), VA-NCHCS, 150 Muir Rd., Martinez, CA 94553
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