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Re: sounds too loud

There are several possible reasons for this condition.  Exactly the name
depends upon how it is occuring.  The basic name for the condition is
hyperacusis.  A symptom called recruitment is often present in these cases.
This is when the perceived intensity of a sound increases in larger increments
than the physical spl would indicate.  Anotherwords, turn up the volume just a
little and the client perceives that it has been raised a lot.

This is often an inner ear (cochlear) condition but can be caused y problems
with cranial nerve viii or even in the brainstem (probably at tle level of the
olives).  Particularly if this condition is recent an audiologist and/or
otologist should see this person immediately.

On Thu, 18 Jan 2001, Jont Allen

> Dear Auditory list,
> Does anybody know of a condition where a person complains that sounds are too loud.
> Does this condition have a name?
> Is it a physiological condition, with a known cause?
> Thanks,
> Jont
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