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FW: Intelligibility of reversed speech, Why?

Lorenzi wrote:

>Saberi & Perrott ("Cognitive restoration of reversed speech," Nature 398:
>760, 1999) recently showed that local time reversal does not destroy
>if the time reversal window is brief.
>Why is that?

Indeed, this is an excellent question, which - strangely, was not addressed
at all by the authors.
Maybe this is due to a poor sensitivity to temporal-envelope phase changes
at high amplitude-modulation rates. Dau (1996) showed that we are
sensitive to phase changes for low-sine modulation
rates only (< 10 Hz); Patterson and coll. (Patterson, 1994; Akeroyd &
Patterson (1997) also showed that sensitivity to envelope time-reversal
degraded at high envelope rates.

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