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Re: Simple demonstrations

Some Audio CDs

I remember that Diana Deutsch at McGill had a site with WAV examples online
but I cannot find the URL (that site was the reason why I got involved with
this topic, btw).

Cook's - Music, Cognition, and Computerized Sound
is a great book and it comes with a good CD, and btw isn't he a fellow


John ffitch <jpff@MATHS.BATH.AC.UK>@LISTS.MCGILL.CA> on 28/01/2001 04:40:13

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Subject:  Simple demonstrations

I realise that this question is at a simpler level than most recent
posts, but i teach a course on music and DSP to a group of mainly
computing, maths and physics students, and it seem to me that
introducing them to some of the psychoacoustic effects would be good
for their education.  This last year i did demonstrate Shepard tones,
but it would be very nice for next year to be able to show (if that is
the right word) them a larger number of ways in which we can be
  Could you suggest a small range of demonstrations, preferably using
simple equipment (I use mainly csound for synthesis, and play sounds
from a CD/cassette player or from my portable; students could be
directed to listen to things on simple headphones, but we do not have
general audio lab facilities).  Alternatively, please direct me to a
suitable web/ftp/book....
==John ffitch