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musical illusions

Message on behalf of Diana Deutsch, read below:

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Subject:  musical illusions

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From: ddeutsch@ucsd.edu (Diana Deutsch)
Subject: simple demonstrations
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You might be interested in my CD 'Musical Illusions and Paradoxes',
published by Philomel Records. The URL for this CD is


There are also a few sound demonstrations posted on this site, and a link
to an entertaining review article by Shawn Carlson  in the December, 1996
issue of Scientific American.

I also suggest the CD by A. J. M. Houtsma, T. D. Rossing, and W. M.
Wagenaars, entitled 'Auditory Demonstrations',  published by the Acoustical
Society of America  and Philips, 1987, and Al Bregman's CD entitled
'Auditory Scene Analysis', published by MIT Press.

 - Diana Deutsch

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