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ASA - Chicago


        CHICAGO - June 4 through 8, 2001

Hi list members,

        The abstract deadline for the Chicago meeting
of the Acoustical Society of America is Friday, 2 Feb.
ASA is very sticky about its deadlines. It's getting to
be time to write.

        For instructions on how to submit abstracts by
email see http://asa.aip.org. The password for online
submission is "chicago."

Special sessions for Chicago include:
        * Hearing development in various species
        * Information theory applied to animal communication
        * Signal processing in echolocation
        * Halls for music performance
        * Experimental musical instruments
        * 3-D spatialization for music applications
        * Behavioral studies and physiological correlates
        * Dynamics of auditory perception and neuroimaging
        * Classroom acoustics - the latest
        * The history of P&P acoustics: Ira Hirsh and Murray Sachs
        * ...     and lots more

See you there!