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Appendix re. Schouten's triangle, etc.

Dear List,
  Since some of the references to my essay "How to hear everything and
listen to anything" were far from the beaten path, it seemed to be a good
idea to make them available.  This was especially true for my reference to
Schouten's  "triangle" of auditory research because his chapter's book has
been out of print for more than two decades. The best way I could do this
was to scan my photocopy and recreate it. To keep it short, visually clear,
and relevant to the topic, I have transcribed by OCR the portion of his
text that deals with the issues of auditory research and of his opinions of
temporal vs. spectral analysis.
  Those of you who have viewed with askance my assessment of current
progress in CASA or ASA might be interested in Schouten's opinions on this
This may be found as an appendix that I have added to my essay at
  While the paper by Voelcker should be available in libraries or archives,
I have suggested two alternative references that seem to bear more to the
subject of practical applications of zero crossing theory.

  Best wishes

  John Bates
  Time/Space Systems
  Pleasantville, NY