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Re: Get lost, Mr. Cochlea!

Regarding "ignore/discard", I'd like to point in the direction of J.J.
Gibson's Purple Perils (http://lor.trincoll.edu/~psyc/perils/):

June 1960: he recognizes the minimum principle of perception (perception is
"economical", only picks up, or processes, what's necessary), which implies
that graceful degradation of sound works.

October 1969: he provides an elegant definition of affordances and direct
perception - "Information .... does not consist of signals to be
interpreted, nor data that must be supplemented from a store house of
knowledge. I am suggesting that nothing less than the hypothesis that
meanings are not subjective contributions but objective facts. I prefer to
call the meanings of things their affordances, that is, what they afford the
observer. The meanings of things in this sense are perceptible properties of

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