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CASA in the lateral plane for 2 channel loudspeaker

I am conducting a CASA based investigation to identify common
musical "elements" and to predict where these elements would be
percieved on playback on a conventional loudspeaker pair

The material is limited to 2 -channel, and to simplify the model, any
environmental room effect is ignored (ie anachoic conditions
Interaural coherence function is used as an index to identify
"common" frequency elements, and phase unwrapped to time
delay, and amplitude difference, are used for localisation cues.

The work by Uwe Baumann on identification and segregation of
auditory objects seems very relevant, but is not concerned with the
complex interaction of frequency- overlapping elements, and is
more to do with event analysis of mon-aural sounds I think.

An integrrating time period of 100ms is assumed at the moment
(this was suggested by Blaurt in Spatial hearing), and the
frequency resolution is only 128 taps- so broad -band "element"
envelopes are not easily seperated spatially (due to usual time/
frequency resolution trade-off's).

I have been unable to find any research on perceptual effect of
coherence on localisation ability for loud-speaker playback, or
much information regarding the "integrating time window", and I
would be extremely greatful for any help on this topics and
feedback on my project idea.