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Re: meaning / Gibson

Just to put in a plug for a paper (intended to be first of a series) by Rene' Carre' and myself, on the production and perception of "speech gestures" (in vowel-to-vowel transitions), here is a reference:
Carré, R., & Divenyi, P. L. (2000). Modeling and perception of "gesture" reductions. Phonetica, 57(2-4), 152-169.

Also, if all of you are interested in such an ecological/Gibsonian approach to speech production/perception, come to the special session "Dynamics of speech production and perception" to be held at the next Acoustical Society meeting in Chicago. The speaker line-up presages a pretty interesting, possibly stormy, time: B. Lindblom, R. Carre', L. Goldstein, S. Shamma, S. Greeberg, and myself, with R. Diehl as principal discussant.

Pierre Divenyi