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Job announcement in Finland

Academy fellow

Applications are invited for the Academy fellow position at the Cognitive
Brain Research Unit, Department of Psychology, University of Helsinki,
Finland, from September 1, 2001 until August 31, 2002, with salary
according to the regulations of the Academy of Finland (appr. 2500

The research activities of the Cognitive Brain Research Unit, headed by
prof. Näätänen, focus on human auditory perception and cognition in a wide
range of ages and in several clinical populations (for further information,
visit http://www.cbru.helsinki.fi). The Fellow will use our highly advanced
auditory stimulation software and hardware with high-resolution EEG (up to
128-channel NeuroScan), whole-head MEG (306-channel VectorView), and 1.5 fT
fMRI (Siemens), in close contact to PET, transcranial magnetic stimulation,
and optical imaging groups.

The Fellow should have broad competence in cognitive neuroscience. He/she
is expected to master one or several of the above-mentioned methods
especially in studying auditory processing of speech or music. Therefore
expertise in investigating pre-attentive and attentive processing with
different types of sound stimulation in group-comparison designs is

For further information, please, contact Dr. Mari Tervaniemi

The applications, including curriculum vitae, list of publications, two
representative publications of the applicant, and a short description about
current research interests should be sent to Research secretary Marja
Riistama, Cognitive Brain Research Unit, P.O. Box 13, 00014 University of
Helsinki, Finland, no later than March 31, 2001 (post-office stamp).

Dr. Mari Tervaniemi
Department of Psychology, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Tel. +358-14-260 4417, Fax +358-14-260 2841 &
Cognitive Brain Research Unit, Dept Psychol, Univ Helsinki, Finland