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New progress report from Phonetics & Linguistics, UCL

The latest version of Speech Hearing and Language, a progress report from
the Department of Phonetics & Linguistics, UCL, is now online at:0


As with last year's edition it has online abstracts and downloadable
versions of the whole papers in the Adobe Acrobat portable document files
format. (Compatible with Acrobat Reader v3.0 and above).


Simulation of the effects of cochlear implant electrode insertion depth for
tonotopically-mapped speech processors
Andrew FAULKNER, Stuart ROSEN and Deborah STANTON  pages 1-15

Peak F0 downtrends in Central Catalan neutral declaratives
Eva ESTEBAS-VILAPLANA  pages 16-41

Automatic cue-enhancement of natural speech for improved intelligibility
Marta ORTEGA, Valerie HAZAN and Mark HUCKVALE pages 42-56

No right ear advantage in gap detection
Richard J. BAKER, Stuart ROSEN and Azahara GODRICH  pages 57-69

Construction of a rotary vibrator and its application in human tactile
Abbas HAYDARI and Stuart ROSEN  pages 70-75

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