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music cognition symposium

Dear Colleagues,
  Please announce the following (free) workshop in music cognition,
aimed at graduate and undergraduate students, to any interested parties.

What: Music Cognition Symposium
Where: Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
When: Fri-Sun, May 18-20, 2001

The Symposium includes 15 lectures and 4 panel discussions by
local OSU researchers and guest speakers. This year's speakers include:

Jamshed Bharucha (Dartmouth College)
Emmanuel Bigand (Univ of Bourgnone)
William Thompson (York University)
Eugenia Costa-Giomi (McGill University)
Betsy Marvin (Eastman School of Music).

Admission to all events is free; there is no registration fee.
Students are especially welcome.

For housing information, see

For a complete schedule, see

Sponsored by School of Music, Center for Cognitive Science,
and Dept. of Psychology, Ohio State University.