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Re: aud illusions, Dianna Deutsch?

Using the STIM3A Advanced Stimulus Signal Generator
with my Daqarta shareware you can create most
(if not all) of these illusions, or probably just about any other
signal you can think of.  Daqarta runs under real-mode
DOS only, and supports ISA-bus Sound Blaster cards
as well as many classic lab-type acquisition boards.

I've been thinking of putting together a collection of
audio illusions setups to include with Daqarta, but
things are pretty hectic just now.  However, I'll be
glad to offer advice on how to set up any particular
illusion, or any other signal generation or acquisition

Jim Stevenson wrote:

>Dianna researched many audio illusions on Next.

>Do any of you know of code to produce them on other OSs especially Dos or
>linux on PC sound cards?

Robert Masta

         D A Q A R T A
Data AcQuisition And Real-Time Analysis
 Shareware from Interstellar Research