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Pe\~{n}a and Konishi Paper in latest Science (Correction)

A. Houtsma corrects me--the neurons are in the IC, not the OT. My
copy of the article was already off being read by a colleague, and I
was working from (my well-known to be fallible) memory. For those of
you with a copy of Biophysics of Computation, look at page 477, where
Koch indicates the need for a detailed understanding of
multiplication in at least one neurobiological model system. He
describes it as a topic for a Ph.D. Thesis, but I suspect whoever
does the research will find it a bit more important. For example,
multiplication is probably key to how synchronized spike streams are
brought together again, and may play a role (in conjunction with
variable neural delays) in steering sensory afference to update the
state of an object being held in an internal model of the external

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Sunderland. Computational neuroscientist modeling bat bioacoustics
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