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Re: Why the music is music and the noise is noise?

If you subscribe to the definition of music as "organised sound", then what
Yadong is asking for is a "sound organiser"; if you subscribe to the
definition of "human organised sound", then the device asked for is clearly
one which necessarily requires a competant human interface ( thus excluding
most algorithmic composition). "Noise" is obviously "unwanted signal", and
clearly includes other peoples' music. Therefore, clearly, a universal
'converter' is impossible. But most 6-year olds can reach a better consensus
than that;  therefore there must be a more precise definition of 'music',
though it might be highly task-specific (and therefore not generaliseable).
Overall, it sounds like what is needed is a human. interesting, then, that
you think the question is 'vague'; it seems that it is the subject matter
which is actually 'vague', unsurprisingly.
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Subject: Re: Why the music is music and the noise is noise?

> >Can we build a system which can turn the noise to the music?
> What do you mean by "can turn ... to"? Also, what do you mean
> by "noise" and "music"? This is a very vague question!
> Jim Beauchamp