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Re: Why the music is music and the noise is noise?

Sorry, Jeff:

"Music is often perceived as
disturbing  AS LONG AS it REMAINS ALLIED TO noise."

is slightly better in English, although Christian is right about the
impossibility to faithfully render the German meaning -- forget the rhythm...


At 01:12 AM 4/24/01 -0700, Jeff Bilmes wrote:
Here's one lossy (noisy) translation: "Music is often perceived as
disturbing because it is always associated with noise."

                        -- Jeff

In the message dated Tue, 24 Apr 2001 10:00:49 +0200
  Christian Kaernbach <chris@PSYCHOLOGIE.UNI-LEIPZIG.DE> writes:
>        Musik wird stoerend oft empfunden,
>        weil sie stets mit Geraeusch verbunden.
>                        - Wilhelm Busch -
>(sorry, no translation: it looses at lot without rhythm and rhyme.)